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I Had No Idea This Product Was So Popular (1,200 Views Within 48 Hours!)

67 watchers resulted in being inundated with 15 messages over the past 2 days!

Issue #14

This weeks issue of Flip Weekly is absolutely packed: from tripled sales, crazy thrift store discoveries, and updates on Flip Weekly's custom game, to the unveiling of 'The Ultimate, Curated List of YouTube Reseller Channels' featuring over 30 profiles just for you. And don't miss out our spotlight product that had the most views in 48 hours I've ever seen. But first!

Reminder: you can re-read all of Flip Weekly’s past issues on our website here.

Table of Contents

What I’ve Bought

Any Toy Story fans? You would know that I’ve bought and sold a number of different Toy Story items over the years including a Woody that went for over $100 just a few months ago. People complain the franchise is dead for resellers but I’ve done well with it. So when I spotted the next item at the thrift it immediately caught my eye.

I’d recognise that little 3 eyed Alien from a mile away.

Let’s take a closer look at it:

I personally love this!

Who else wanted to go to Pizza Planet as a kid?

We have a Pizza Planet spirit jersey that was released in 2019 and from what I can tell had a very short shelf life. It retailed for $64.95 before being dropped to $29.98 and never hitting the shelves again. Due to that, it’s become sort of a cult classic with only 18 available on eBay and they range from $50 all the way up to $600 - noting that none available within Australia. I bought this for $10, so let’s see what sold comps show, because as we all know active listings can literally ask for whatever price they want. We have 26 sold which indicates a nice sell through rate and the average sales price is $75.40 and the highest selling for $207.48!


You wouldn’t know it from the photos, but once I got the shirt home there was actually a stain on the front of it.

This was hard to notice until it was on camera.

Here is your reminder that finding a stain isn’t the end of the world - some resellers would simply skip the item but I’ve never been unable to get a stain out. It’s just a matter of soaking it in a stain remover (I use a brand called Sard) and then giving it a wash. Remember to check out the items tags and follow the instructions!

Moving on and wow I got lucky. I’m in love with this independent thrift store that has a mindset of putting out items as soon as possible without a) shopping them around to back-end staff and b) checking out their most recent sold comp to squeeze out every last dollar. Check out what I found for $1!

Just sitting there!!

If you recognize this shelf it’s the exact same one from Issue #11 where I found the Small Soldiers tin ($3.00 into $50.00) and the Monster in my Pocket playset (50 cents into $40.00).

This is a big box PC game from 1997! It’s technically a video game but these big box games slip through the cracks because they don’t resemble a modern day game — it basically looks like a puzzle. I’ve bought and sold big box PC games in the past and you can read more about it in Issue #6 here. The short of it is that in the past I bought Harry Potter for $15 and sold it for $85 and bought Zoo Tycoon for $12 and sold it for $54.95. These big box PC games consistently sell for $50.00+

Now, how much did I pay for this game? It’s called Red Baron 2, a flight simulator of World War 1 from 1997 and this is the price tag:

Can you see the price?

A cheeky $1. Honestly, these independent thrift stores are the best. If this was in a Vinnies, it would have been $20. If it was in a Lifeline, it would have been $50. Here? $1. Amazing.

What I Sold

Before I go on, has anyone seen something similar to the following at their local thrift stores?

It’s like a lucky dip…

For those that can’t read the text, it’s a “Mystery Box“ for $15.00. The boxes are quite big and heavy, what on Earth would they put in it? Are they just offloading junk? Surely it would have to be some sort of bric-a-brac, you wouldn’t expect to open it and find a whole bunch of kids clothes, right? What do you guys reckon, should I pick one up next time?

Should I pick up a $15 Thrift Store Mystery Box?

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Moving on and man, I love a quick flip. I bought the following item late last week and they sold on Monday.

Sold on Monday the 13th.

I find these in the thrift for $15.00 and sold a few days later on a best offer for $94.95 + post. This brand of boxing gloves has an awesome sell through rate and it’s not unusual for a brand new pair to sell for close to $200.00 and if they have a cool unique pattern they can crack $300+. This pair had a tiny bit of wear, a few cracks at the top but in overall good condition. If you ever spot a pair of boxing gloves in the thrift and you see the Twins Special logo, know that they sell fast and they sell for a lot.

Flying dragon pattern sells for $240.

Pink skull sells for over $200 too.

This next item was a small sale but I wanted to write about it again because they’re something that consistently sell.

I can sense you screaming at the screen “not more goddamn salt and pepper shakers!“ but trust me, you can get sets from garage sales for like $1 and as long as they have a bit of character and aren’t boring they’re going to sell. I had 2 sets of these, they’re literally 4cm, entirely impractical to store salt or pepper and yet both sold. It’s a ten times return on my money but if you get lucky and find a really cool pair they can sell for hundreds. Flip Weekly’s 4th Issue talked more about them which you can re-read here.

Resources & Friends

If you’re anything like me, you love to watch resellers, eBayers and thrifters on YouTube. My YouTube algorithm is basically 100% devoted to watching people find cool items in the wild. This week, Flip Weekly has gone to the trouble of creating The Ultimate, Curated List of YouTube Reseller Channels with detailed descriptions and links to over 30 different channels. We profile each individual, give you a bit of information about them and what they like to pick up and if you like what you see, check them out.

Check it out on the link above!

Click here to view The Ultimate, Curated List of YouTube Reseller Channels. Enjoy!

User Submissions & My Challenge

This weeks challenge is simple: check out the The Ultimate, Curated List of YouTube Reseller Channels and let me know which YouTuber is your favorite and if I left anyone off. Contact me here.

I Had No Idea This Product Was So Popular (1,200 Views Within 48 Hours!)

I literally could not believe my eyes when I saw that this weeks main item was blowing up on Marketplace. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the view count go up as fast as it did and it seemed as though I was getting “Hi, is this available“ every time I looked at my phone. When I bought it I legit didn’t even know if anybody would want it, it didn’t strike me as something that would be viewed over 1,200 times in 48 hours.

This item has gone wild on Facebook Marketplace.

One of the most iconic characters of all time.

It’s a Bart Simpson beach towel from the 90’s! I listed on Facebook Marketplace barely 48 hours and these were the stats after just 23 hours.

600 clicks, 39 saves and 2 shares.

Lately I’ve been spending a bit of extra time in the bed and bath areas of thrift stores. In the past I’d usually ignore this area but it’s a bit of a hidden gem when it comes to finding pop culture branded merchandise and in this case I got lucky.

The speech bubble + yellow outline was an eye catcher for me.

I paid $10 for the beach towel and listed it on Marketplace for $30. In hindsight it looks to be under-priced because after 48 hours these were the stats:

Over 1,200 views within 2 days is insane.

For anyone curious as to what these stats lead to in terms of messages, this is what it looks like:



I did get a successful sale at the end of it but it was after 15 messages and a whole lot of “Yes, it’s available“. Pro-tip, create a keyboard shortcut for your “Yes, it’s available“ reply, it will save you a lot of effort. My keyboard shortcut turns “yiia“ into “Hey there, yes it is still available 👍 Pick up would be from {suburb} or I can post.“ “yiia“ is just an acronym for yes it is available. I think the lesson here is that old school animation style of The Simpsons is really popular. If you spot any in the wild, buy!

What’s To Come

Development of Flip Weekly’s video game… game is moving forward at a good pace. I was hoping for a BETA this week but we ran into trouble with Price Charting’s API and are working through the issues. I’ve learnt in the past that it’s best not to rush launching a product (a bad habit of mine) so I wont be issuing any BETA invites just yet but just know that our video game… game is being worked on as we speak and you guys will be the first to know when it’s live.

If you didn’t read last weeks issue of Flip Weekly, do so here as I explain how the game will work. Here’s what I said if you don’t want to go back and read the full description plus see screenshots.

The way it works is simple: you’ll select the platform - let’s say Nintendo Wii. Select the condition - either complete (CIB) or loose (game only). Choose the currency - we’ll select AUD. Once you choose your settings, the game starts and you’ll be presented with 3 video game titles. Your job is to choose which one is worth the most money. You’ll either be right or wrong with the prices shown after making a selection. The entire idea is to help you remember which video games are valuable and which ones you should avoid.

Mat, video game novice.

Your Journey to a Free $200 Mystery Box

What’s this? Catch up with Issue #13 for more information on how you can score a whole bunch of free prizes including a $200 Mystery Box!